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Mineral salt deposit Kuchuk Lake is the source of raw materials for the production of sodium sulphate. Deposit is the natural lake of 162-178 with the brine containing about of 7% of sodium sulphate. There is a thick layer of mirabilite-stekletz at the bottom of this deposit. The lake shore directly in front of the water edge line is covered by the thenardite layer (natural sodium sulphate) under which there is the mirabilite layer. Depending on weather conditions (precipitation, air temperature, wind influence) continuous transformation of mirabilite into thenardite, brine into mirabilite, dissolution of mirabilite into a brine and etc occurs. Thus, all the year round three states of natural sodium sulphate - brine, mirabilite and thenardite are presented in natural Kuchuk deposit. The industrial operation of the deposit started in 1960.

Once in 3-4 years the natural brine is pumped into the pond of nearly located dried-up Selitrennoe Lake. This lake is used as the natural crystallization pond. The size of this lake is 3x4 km. The volume of the brine being pumped into Seliternnoe Lake is about 30 million tons. In autumn and winter when the temperature is lower than + 5°C, mirabilite begins to crystallize from the brine in Seliternnoe Lake. Precipitated mirabilite is very pure because all organic impurities precipitate to the lake bottom before the beginning of mirabilate crystallization. This provides very high content of the base material in the product. Hence due to the climatic conditions and quality characteristics of natural sodium sulphate this deposit is a unique one. In spring depleted brine is pumped out from Selitrennoe Lake back into Kuchuk Lake. Due to the weather conditions it is possible to obtain sodium sulphate on the lakeside of Selitrennoe Lake only in a certain season. Hence the factory uses geotechnological method which makes it possible to get this product by the industrial means all the year around as well as to preserve its natural origin.


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