JSC Kuchuksulphate produces and offers below mentioned products:

Chemical products
Household chemistry and detergents
Secondary import

Chemical formula - Na2SO4

Application: chemical industry, pulp-and-paper industry, glass industry, oil-producing industry, oil-refining industry and in detergents production.




Free-flowing white powder

Sodium sulphate (Na2SO4), %, min


Insoluble in water group, %, max


Chlorides on conversion to natrium chloride (NaCl), %, max


Iron (Fe), ppm, %, max


Water (H2O), %, max


Activity index of hydrogen ions of 1% water solution of sodium sulphate, within the limits 7.5-10.0

Whiteness (Hanter's scale), min


Trade names (equivalent):

- natural sodium sulphate

- reussin anhydrate

Packing: Sodium sulphate is packed in polypropylene bags: big bags of 1000 kg, 2000 kg or small bags of 50 kg. Also there is the possibility to pack 50 kg bags (20 pieces) into one big bag of 1000 kg.

Transportation: Packed sodium sulphate is transported in open-top and covered wagons, in containers as well as in bulk in covered wagons.

Correspondence with Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH):

JSC Kuchuksulphate produces natural sodium sulphate which is exempted from registration according to REACH.

This is in conformity with Annex V of this regulation, article 2(7)(b) according to which among others substances which occur in nature (if they are not chemically modified) are exempted from the registration.

Natural substance is defined according to the definition given in Article 3 (39): Substances which occur in nature: means a naturally occurring substance as such, unprocessed or processed, for example, by steam distillation or by heating solely to remove water.

Definition "Substances which occur in nature" given in REACH:

"Substances which occur in nature" means a naturally occurring substance as such, unprocessed or processed only by manual, mechanical or gravitational means, by dissolution in water, by flotation, by extraction with water, by steam distillation or by heating solely to remove water, or which is extracted from air by any means (Article 3(39))., if they are not chemically modified, independently from whether or not they are classified as dangerous according to Directive 67/548/EEC".

Our product completely meets these requirements.

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